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Съвместим с Wii игрова конзоли и играта на ЕА : Need for Speed "Undercover"
• Специално сьздаден от LOGITECH за играта за Wii: Need for Speed "Undercover" (Играта не е включена в комплекта)

- Волана работи само със следните 5 изброени игри за Wii игрова конзола:

Dirt 2
F1 2009 
Ferrari Challenge
Need for Speed Undercover
Speed Zone
• Безжична технология - 2.4GHz, до 10м обхват
• Force feedback технология - осигурява по-реалистични изживявания по време на игра. Воланът реагира така, както би реагирал волана на автомобил при удар.
• Вградени контролери за газ и спирачка
• Размери: 35 x 36 x 30 см
• Тегло: 2,7 кг

Съдържание на комплекта:
- Безжичен волан
- 2.4 GHz USB mini-receiver
- Захранванваш адаптер за домашна ел.мрежа
- Инструкции за използване на кормилото/ волана
- Оригиналната Игра на диск: NFS / Need for Speed: Undercover

  • Код: 001009
  • Производител: Logitech
  • Тегло: 3.000 кг
Цена: 90.00лв.
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With the Logitech Speed Force Wireless Wheel, Wii users can finally enjoy a truly realistic driving experience. Logitech's Speed Force Wireless Wheel works with Electronic Arts' Need for Speed: Undercover, so you can fully experience the thrill of the chase. The one-piece wireless design minimizes clutter and provides easy set-up and storage.
There’s no better way to experience all the racing action than with the full featured Logitech Speed Force Wireless Wheel. While Logitech has been a leader in the force-feedback industry since 1998, this is the first force feedback wheel for the Wii and paves the way for all the exciting racing titles on the Wii console.
This wireless wheel is easy to set up and store and features a one-piece design that is convenient to use in any position. The gas and brake controls are built into the wheel itself, while the lap rest is both adjustable and expandable, making it comfortable even without a table or desk. Minimizing clutter by eliminating the console cable, Logitech's 2.4 GHz wireless technology lets you enjoy lag-free racing from up to 30 feet away. And all this comes with the intuitive Wii controls that make navigating game menus a breeze.
Standard controllers don't let you feel what you are doing, while vibration feedback and rumble technology just shake the controller. The force feedback system in the Wii Logitech Speed Force Wireless Wheel simulates directionally precise, tactile feedback so users feel the steering wheel move as it would when subjected to actual external forces. And with no mounting or assembly required, all you have to do to start racing is connect the USB receiver to your Wii console, plug in the wheel's power cord, get comfortable and let the race begin.
One-piece wireless design for less clutter, and easy set-up and storage
Adjustable and expandable lap rest for table-free comfortable play in any position
Built-in gas and brake controls put precise action in easy reach
Force feedback recreates bumps, crashes, and traction loss with jaw-dropping realism
Includes AC power to eliminate batteries


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