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Bluetooth Module за конзола Nintendo Wii


Bluetooth Module/Adapter , е съвместим с всички серии на конзолата Nintendo Wii 


  • Код: 00900
  • Производител: NINTENDO
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена: 25.00лв.
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Wii Bluetooth Board
As we know that Wii bluetooth board is an important component for nintendo wii, it controls all Bluetooth function on the nintendo wii,if your wii controller is not working,if you get a black screen on boot or other similar problems, there must be something wrong with your wii bluetooth module.and you need to replace it. This will bluetooth board is compatible with all Nintendo wii consoles, no matter where your console is from or what region it is,please free feel to use it.You don't need to worry about the install method, because it is a no soldering item, just plug it into the right place and use it then.We also provide a step by step instruction to help you install it.  
 1. Replacement bluetooth board for your wii.
 2. Solve a lot of problems for your wii , such as  controller is not working,black screen on boot.
 3. Compatible with all models of nintendo wii form any country.


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